Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Farmer's Fix Review and GIVEAWAY!

Wouldn't it be great if delivery food were healthy and convenient? I know that take out and fast food delivery has been a thing for my entire life, but as appetites change to a healthier stance, consumers want something different. There are now loads of services offering pre-chopped and pre-measured ingredients, accompanied by recipes, to come home from a busy day and cook dinner. However, after trying these services, I was left with lots of waste from the containers (recyclable, but come on, there was so much packaging!), and the feeling that I would have been better off ordering take out rather than making an overpriced "homemade" meal. 

Enter Farmer's Fix, a salad delivery service based right in San Diego. Farmer's Fix offers freshly made salad with local, healthy ingredients. They have quite a selection of filling, delicious salads, and ordering was very simple. Just go on the website, pick the salads that sound good, pick a delivery date, and you're all set! Soon, this eco-friendly green bag will arrive on your doorstep, with fresh salads for the week.

As you can see, packaging is minimal. Salads are delivered in a reusable, insulated bag, with a (reusable) dry ice packet to ensure freshness.

The bags are picked up at the next delivery and reused thereafter. Neat, huh?

But enough about the brilliant, environment-friendly containers, on to the salads! The salads were great! I chose for this review to try the Quetzalcoatl Quinoa, Greek, and Southwest. 

All of them were very satisfying, and conveniently packaged to take to work or to eat at home. 

The Greek was my favorite, mainly because I love, love lemon vinaigrette dressings, and the dressing was so tasty. Tangy with the taste of the lemons and garlic, it was a perfect topping for the greens, feta cheese, and kalamata olive. The pistachios added a perfect protein crunch. 

 The Southwest salad was also wonderful; chock full of black beans and chickpeas, the legumes provided the protein necessary to make a very filling salad. I loved the dressing with this salad, which was a spicy, tangy chipotle lime.

The quinoa salad was the most filling of all, thanks to the red quinoa supplying a heavy amount of protein and grain. The dressing was a champagne vinaigrette, but was not even necessary due to the flavorful ingredients. 

And now for the best part -- a giveaway! Farmer's Fix has generously provided five $10 coupons (good for one free salad) for five lucky winners, and one grand prize winner will get a four-salad pack for the week! 

To enter, simply comment on this post what salad that you would like to try from the Farmer's Fix menu.  Or, like and comment the same on the SDDD Facebook page for another chance to win! Winners will be chosen on April 15. Good luck! 
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Unknown said...

I am curious: How are the portions? Is the salad filling? Usually I have difficulties with being hungry after eating salads unless they are large.

Unknown said...

The quinoa salad sounds like something I would love!

Edward said...

I think the Greek salad sound like it will taste great.

Christina said...

I would LOVE <3 to try the Chopped Chinese salad. I LOVE Chinese salads and their ingredients.

Unknown said...

I am highly interested in the Southwest, looks awesome.

Tawei David Lin said...

Hi -- this is Farmers Fix responding:)
All salads are 24oz portions ranging between 300 to 500 calories! We use organic grains such as quinoa, lentils, and farro to give our craft creations that extra oomph so you don't go hungry :)

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