Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekending in Ensenada

Sometimes, it is so nice to just get away for a quiet weekend.

Valle Guadalupe and Ensenada is the perfect getaway for a quick trip over the border. Besides gorgeous scenery, the food and wine scene is up and coming, with exciting new places opening all the time.

Tres Valles is always a great place to visit, and remains our favorite winery.  The staff is extremely friendly, and the wines are always interesting.

Vinas de Garza was a new stop, but one that was certainly worthwhile. The wines were very modern, and very fruit forward. 
Thankfully, the weather was not abysmally hot for the weekend, just sunny, warm, and blue skies.

Allegro served up some of the best burgers that I've ever eaten! Definitely a repeat stop, although there are so many other great places to eat! 
Going to Ensenada means a dinner at Manzanilla. It's a bit hard to find, but it's seriously some of the best food that I've ever eaten. 

A huge plate of roasted clams started our night.
Followed by the juiciest steak that I've ever tasted.
And seafood risotto! Ensenada has a true gastronomic scene, but Manzanilla is so good, it's hard to try a new place! And they are child-friendly! Always a great thing for us!
You might have heard of the fish tacos? They are rooted in Ensenada, so it's a must-try.
Cafe Tomas is a must-try coffee shop that is chic with the best Baja Mocha I've ever had, and a playground! It was so nice to sip coffee and just let the baby play.

Thanks for a great weekend, Ensenada! We can't wait to return!
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