Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Food Truck Festival and Craft Beer Fest at Del Mar Racetrack

Another fun event at the Del Mar Race Track had racegoers excited and hungry! Food trucks are more popular than ever, and what better place to check out a whole bunch of them than a fun Saturday at the race track! 

With over 40 food trucks serving everything from falafel to poboy sandwiches, patrons could literally eat anything that they wanted. And joining the fun was the Craft Beer Festival! Definitely a great day for gourmands! 

It was very difficult to narrow down what we wanted to eat, but we decided that the Ragin Cajun was just the friendliest and tastiest thing that we'd encountered in awhile. Seriously, the owner was handing out samples of this delicious chicken and corn bisque that did exactly what he intended -- persuade us to get an order! 

A shrimp po'boy and cup of the aforementioned bisque was a real treat. I've been to New Orleans, and this po'boy was even better than the ones that I ate in NOLA! The shrimp was so spicy and flavorful, and the bread was identical to that used in the NOLA shops. 

The bisque was just perfection. A bit spicy, but mainly a lovely, creamy bite of satiny broth and plenty of chicken and corn. I loved it so much that I want to develop a recipe to make it at home! 

Another truck that was excellent was Holy Moly! Serving mole all ways on all types of meat, they do one thing and one thing well -- mole! Served on chicken, pork, or beef; as a taco, burrito, or torta -- any way! We chose to get the two taco platter with a mole negro chicken taco and mole ranchero chicken taco. The tacos were big and filling, and the beans and rice rounded out the meal nicely. 

So what else did we eat? Well, there are also dessert food trucks. We went to Hawaii in January, and well, we miss it, especially the shaved ice. Mahalo is a cute truck that serves only Hawaiian shave ice, with all of the fixings. We ordered a blue snow cap, and tasting it reminded me of those wonderful days in Hawaii with my family. 

Another dessert truck was I-Scream, specializing in ice cream and cannolis. I cannot, cannot say no to a cannoli. It's just impossible. Even a bad cannoli is still a cannoli.  I love how adorable this truck is decorated in red and white, bringing a retro feel to it. The cannoli was large and good! 

As always, the track is a ton of fun for families and singles alike. My daughter absolutely loves watching the horses (and petting them!). 

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