Sunday, July 31, 2016

Instacart Grocery Delivery

So, a couple of weeks ago, I did a review of Amazon Prime Now grocery delivery. Instacart asked me to try out their service as well, so I wanted to do a review of their service and compare just a bit the differences between the two. 

Instacart, like PrimeNow, works with local grocery stores to secure delivery of virtually anything that the stores sell. Most of the stores maintain the same price as the purchase in-store, but some, like Costco, have an upcharge of 15%. For reference, the local stores for me were Costco, Smart & Final, Jimbo's, and Ralph's. The delivery cost is in the range of $5.99-$7.99, depending on how quickly you want your groceries. They can be delivered as quickly as an hour! 

The site/app is pretty simple to navigate: 

Sign up for the service, providing your home zip code, then choose your store from the list of possibilities. 

After you choose your store, start shopping! Choose from produce, dairy, snacks, everything! 

You can also change stores -- in those cases where certain stores have gourmet items that you love, but you really get the staples from the less glamorous places, Instacart has you covered. The only catch is that there is a $10 minimum at each store. 

The service is quick and convenient, and the ability to shop at multiple stores is very appealing. Delivery was prompt and all groceries were in good shape. 

 I love the snacks at Whole Foods, so that's what I purchased this trip!

One thing that the service does is substitutions -- if the store is out of your selected item, say a Cadbury's chocolate bar, they may substitute it with a Hershey's bar instead. The customer is responsible for any price difference, lower or higher. This feature is nice, but has the potential to disappoint or create an issue due to allergies (such as when one brand contains gluten and another does not).

Overall, I like the service, and will probably use it again during those busy weeks! It was extremely convenient, and the option to go to several stores in one trip, for one delivery price (with optional tip) is an incredible time saver, enabling busy families time to cook and enjoy food in their homes.

Wanna try it? Get $10 of free groceries using this link.
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