Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Romesco's Mexiterranean Bistro -- Breakfast!

Every time I go somewhere outside of my usual turf (read: Mid-City), I say, "I should really explore more that this area has to offer." There's really no excuse for it -- there really is so much going on in all parts of San Diego county, and staying in my little comfort zone is seriously limiting. 

There are loads of great restaurants in San Diego, but venture out sometime, and you'll find a number of cozy places with great food and atmosphere. Case in point, breakfast at Romesco's Bistro in lovely Bonita. 

The decor is elegant, yet casual enough that you don't feel underdressed. However, it's totally suitable for a nice date. The menu is also very child-friendly -- a huge win in my book! 

We had the pleasure of trying out their breakfast/brunch menu this Saturday, and I was blown away by the quality and flavor of every item! 

The breakfast menu had a Mexican slant -- chilaquiles, machaca, huevos ranchero -- all of the favorites were included, along with basics like pancakes and oatmeal. There was actually so many yummy-looking things that the waiter ultimately chose our breakfasts! We went with the huevos ranchero, a classic Mexican breakfast dish, and the Combo L’ Especial, 1⁄2 Chilaquiles, 1⁄2 house made Machaca, 2 eggs any style & 2 tortillas. 

The combo was outstanding. I ordered the chilaquiles verde, with beautiful green salsa, cotija cheese, and crema. The salsa verde had a wonderful lime-y flavor, with plenty of garlic and cilantro. So good and unexpected, complimented so well by the tender, flavorful machaca meat and two eggs over easy. It was the total experience, and enough for two people or one very hungry person (like me). 

The huevos rancheros were another hit! Two eggs over easy served on crispy tortillas, topped with red salsa, cheese, and crema, it was a feast! The huevos ranchero had the potato and refried beans sides, like the combo, and was a testament to this classic dish. Such a great, savory start to the day, and I'm all about a savory breakfast. 

I mentioned earlier that Romesco's is very kid-friendly, and here's the meal to prove it: a darling pancake and scrambled egg platter for kids that even my super-picky daughter loved. It's a lot of food -- so I'd say it's suitable for older kids as well. With all of the attention on the delicious Mexican favorites, the classic American pancakes were amazing as well. 

And...a basket of Mexican breakfast pastries! Sweet buns and a savory croissant were perfect compliments to sop up the eggs!
I cannot wait to go back and devour more of this delicious breakfast. There was so much on the menu, and everything that we sampled was wonderful. If you live in Bonita, or are visiting, check it out, if you don't live in Bonita, it's a great reason to visit! 
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