Friday, September 2, 2016

San Diego Spirits Festival 2016 Wrap Up!

Last weekend was the always amazing San Diego Spirits Festival! A yearly event, it's a grand gala featuring old favorites and newcomers to San Diego in the spirits and beer arena. There are tastings of mixed drinks, shooters, and just straight-up shots of new and delicious spirits. There are a few beer and wine tastings, but the focus is mainly on new and favorite brands of liquors. It's like...LiquorCon. 

It's not just drinking, mind you. There is food provided by local restaurants, such as Ruth's Chris and BFD, as well as entertainment from trapeze artists, bands, and dancers! I went a couple of years ago when I was pregnant, and obviously didn't drink, but it was still a great time, so that should say something about how much fun this event is! 

Held at the Broadway Pier, guests are treated to an extravaganza of food, drink, and entertainment, including some gorgeous art on exhibit! 

 And of course, lots of great tequila, vodka, rum, bourbon, gin, and loads of liqueurs.

A long-time favorite of mine is Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, adding Collingwood Canadian whiskey to their lineup this year.  They served up a pretty mean black Manhattan using their products! 

Delicious chocolates on offer are just one of the many good things to eat.

BFD had pulled pork and cabbage on offer. Great flavor with a soy base! 
Ruth's Chris had an entire experience wherein you ate a piece of sweet potato casserole, listened to music on headphones, altering the flavor of the food slightly. 
A cardamom gin and tonic. Refreshing, tasty, and a classic for a good reason. Just pretty much one of the best cocktails ever invented.
Lemoncocco was a new product being sampled at the event. It's meant as a mixer (or drank alone). It's so interesting to be the first to try new mixers!
Owl's Brew was a new tea cocktail mixer, with spicy, refreshing results!
Loads of entertainment!

More amazing spirits! It's definitely an event where pacing oneself is mandatory. 

A bartending contest brought loads of great cocktails and talent. 

What a great event!!!

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