Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gourmet Tater Tots at Brian's 24

Some places are so good that they merit a return visit and review just because they announce a new menu item. I adore the gourmet diner fare offered at Brian's 24 in our beautiful, lively Gaslamp District, so I was happy to sample their new tater tots offerings!

Brian's 24 has launched a whole new menu featuring one of America's favorite indulgences, tater tots. Included in this special menu are: pizza tots, churro dessert tots, ABC burger tots, and my favorite, carne asada tots. Most of us have wonderful memories of these crispy squares of potatoes that have made a comeback into modern restaurant cuisine in a big way. With three delicious choices for appetizer (or dinner) tater tots, and a dessert cinnamon churro tater tot, served with ice cream, you'll have a new perspective on this American classic! 

I love carne asada fries, as does most of San Diego judging by the large list of restaurants serving them. How about some carne asada tater tots? Even better! 

 The big advantage to the tots over fries? The tots stay crisp the entire way through. One of the things that always disappoints me about carne asada fries is that usually the fries become soggy from the toppings, but not the tots! Crispy and tasty the whole time. 

The ingredients work so well together; it's really a treat. I love the flavor of the tangy sour cream with the beef and cheese. The salsa served on the side has a wonderful chipotle flavor, and is perfect for an extra burst of taste. I highly recommend this dish! 

 For our meals, we were feeling classic, and decided on the delicious cheeseburger and grilled cheese sandwiches! A diner cheeseburger is always a great choice -- they're just so perfectly made and juicy. 
A thick, butter-y diner grilled cheese with fries is one of my favorite meals ever. I love the delicious American cheese toasted on thick white bread. It's such a simple sandwich, but so satisfying. Like everything else, Brian's 24 does the grilled cheese honor and makes it perfect and tasty. 

Check out the new tater tots menu at Brian's! It's a wonderful treat -- you won't regret it!
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