Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Living in a coastal city certainly has its advantages, namely, plenty of fresh seafood! There is a lot of great seafood in San Diego, with fish and seafood served up fried, broiled, grilled, raw, and any other way that you can prepare fish. Luckily, the Pacific Beach Fish Shop has covered seafood and fish in almost every preparation technique. With a gorgeous build-your-own fish taco menu, solid seafood and fish platters, and an impressive local beer list, this PB restaurant is a place to visit over and over without having the same thing twice. 

The atmosphere is that of a casual neighborhood spot for great food. Outdoor seating and easy counter service make this a place that kids are welcome, but still a place that adults are eager to visit.

It was our first time here, so we decided to try out a little of everything: fish 'n' chips, the TKO fish taco, a cup of clam chowder, and the kids' popcorn shrimp meal. 

The weather was super hot the evening that we visited, so soup may not have been a wise choice, but it was delicious. A classic white clam chowder is pretty much the only clam chowder in my book, with a creamy, salty broth, and plenty of fat clams and soft potatoes. This soup was hot, thick, and comforting, just what a clam chowder should be.

Fish 'n' chips is one of my desert island meals, but something that I would never, ever attempt in my home kitchen. To achieve a truly great fish 'n' chips is actually a feat, with just the right beer batter, just enough of said batter coating fresh white fish, and of course, the deep frying of this preparation. The Fish Shop's presentation of this meal was, to use a phrase, on point. The fish was fresh and the outer batter shell crispy and not greasy, with a light salty flavor. The fries were a perfect texture and cut, with that delightful julienned shape and cut that goes so perfect in fish 'n' chips.

I wanted to try the fish taco, as in San Diego, well, it's kind of our thing. You can truly have a one-of-a-kind taco here -- choose from salmon, halibut, diver scallops, lobster, and more. Then, choose your marinade, your cooking style, and finally your tortilla and toppings! 
I kind of panicked on the build your own bit and went for the TKO taco, a mahi-mahi grilled with a sweet cabbage and mango slaw, optional avocado. It was huge and filling, with a nice combination of the salty flavor of the fish and sweetness from the slaw. 

The kids' menu items were also great! My daughter loved the popcorn shrimp and fries! The shrimp had a lot of flavor and was far superior to the usual children's menu item. It's a favorite of mine from childhood, so I couldn't resist a bite of hers! 

With locations in Encinitas and Hermosa Beach,  the Fish Shop has the San Diego area covered for a superior seafood in a casual, family friendly environment. With local beers on tap and great food, it's a place that everyone can enjoy that beachy vibe with a delicious meal. 
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