Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dog Haus Biergarten

With the somewhat sudden emergence of purveyors of fine works of 'wurst, I think that i can easily state that hot dogs are the new ramen. It's funny our street foods are the new gourmet offerings, but at one point, fishermen threw shrimp away because they were considered cheap and unedible!

Dog Haus Biergarten is the newest edition to the Gaslamp/East Village food scene, and what an addition. I don't believe that there is anything like it downtown, or even in San Diego. Gourmet hot dogs and bratwursts, served up in an industrial decor setting, with a selection of the best microbrews to go with it! 

 The atmosphere, while maintaining the pub and dogs feel, is quite casual and family-friendly. Any of the hot dogs or hamburgers can be served as sliders in a kids' meal, which is great for kids that want to try out some new flavors! 

The menu has an extensive choice of hot dogs, bratwursts, and hamburgers in varying meats. They are all homemade, with real ingredients. There are vegetarian options as well. There's even a corn dog!

Pictured are two of the many beers featured at Dog Haus: Victory Golden Monkey and Coronado Pumpkin Ale. The tap list is always changing, but there are always great things brewing (sorry for the pun!).

Jiji and Minnie approved of our choices. See? Family friendly. 

The list of hot dogs and brats is extensive, but you really can't go wrong with an all-natural weiner and sweet grilled King's Hawaiian buns. I'm a bit panicky when it comes to a lot of choices, but this is one time I had eyes on the prize and chose the Free Bird: a turkey dog with tomatoes, avocado, ranch dressing, and bacon. Amen. 

Steve is all about the barbecue, so he chose the Cowboy dog, and upgraded to a bratwurst instead of a hot dog. The Cowboy is a tribute to its name: loaded with crispy onions, bacon, white cheddar, and of course, barbecue sauce. It was a lovely thing to behold and to taste. 

What else? Why some cheesy tater tots and a corn dog! I can't ever, ever pass up a corn dog, and a homemade one? Sign me up. This corn dog was made from one of their signature franks, wrapped in a delicious corn batter and served hot. The tater tots, were, of course, a treat. Tater tots are having a real renaissance moment, and I'm glad for it. Covered with melted cheddar, these were some yummy tots! 

And the prices were quite reasonable! There is a happy hour M-F offering discounted beer, fries, and tots, and on Sunday, it is 3-Midnight. Even without happy hour, the prices are quite reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food. 

I'll just close with a youtube video of my daughter's favorite song that sums up my feelings about Dog Haus.  

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