Wednesday, November 23, 2016

La Piñata

Old Town San Diego is a destination for many tourists hungry for some famous San Diego Mexicali grub. It's literally an entire strand of restaurants offering Northern Mexican favorites, with freshly made tortillas and margaritas. I love visiting on a nice day and wandering through the park, taking in the music and sights, and enjoying the seasonal decorations that often color the scenery. 

There are so many great places to eat here, but I've never tried La Piñata until last week. It's located a bit off the path in Old Town, but is worth a bit of looking to try out their classic menu of Mexicali favorites.

 The restaurant is decorated in bright colors, and, of course, piñatas. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, very cute. It's a huge space, with lots of different seating areas, including a (heated) outdoor patio.

It's tradition to start out with some chips and salsa when dining in Old Town, and so we did! Homemade tortillas and very spicy chipotle salsa. I always overdo it on the chips and salsa, and this time was no exception. I just can't resist a good, spicy salsa and freshly made chips!

Nothing is better with great chips and salsa than a margarita. La Piñata makes a classic, and comes in small and large options!

For dinner, after much deliberation, we chose the Carne Asada dinner and the Jack Enchiladas. The carne asada dinner was served in an "assemble your own" manner, with hot tortillas, grilled beef, guacamole, and green peppers. The beef was very well seasoned, and was great stuffed into a tortilla with the guacamole and peppers.

The jack enchiladas were cheesy goodness! Chicken enchiladas simply covered with Monterey jack cheese and sour cream! They were large, and tasty. Both dinners were served with their signature sides of beans and rice.

A visit to Old Town is a must for anyone looking to experience the origins of San Diego. The food scene alone is worth it, as well as the beautiful decor and history. Check out La Piñata next time you visit! 
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