Sunday, December 11, 2016

Grater Grilled Cheese

If I had to pick a favorite sandwich, it would hands down be the grilled cheese. Made with buttery, thick sourdough and fancy cheese, or just a simple store-bought sliced bread and Velveeta, the grilled cheese is just perfection. Melted cheese and toasty bread brings back memories of this sandwich being served for lunch when I was a child, and has followed me frequently into adulthood. 

Grater Grilled Cheese is a food truck-turned-restaurant that specializes in the grilled cheese sandwich. Serving up several variations on the classic, Grater Grilled Cheese gussies up the simple sandwich with such gourmet additions as lobster, avocado, and soy chorizo. To add a bit of variety to the menu, salads are offered, as are basic deli sandwiches, so everyone can find something of interest.

When I visited with my family, we were eager to try some of the gourmet twists on our favorite sandwich. The lobster grilled cheese was a must try, and if you visit the shop, I recommend that you try it as well. Nice big chunks of lobster meat squeezed between toasted, buttery sourdough and drippy 5-cheese blend with a slather of Sierra Nevada pale ale beer chipotle aioli. The sandwich was just heavenly, and they did not skimp on the lobster at all!

 We ordered some pomme frites -- French fries -- on the side. Fried to crisp and bathed in truffle oil, these were a surprisingly sophisticated flavor against the simplicity of a grilled cheese, but were perfect with the upscaled flavors of these gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

I love avocados on sandwiches, so of course, I was determined to try the avocado grilled cheese. Served on more of that delicious sourdough, it featured not just the avocado and 5-cheese blend, but also a smattering of fresh tomatoes, arugula, the chipotle aioli, and bacon! The addition of the vegetables made me feel just healthy enough to justify a sandwich positively quaking with bacon and cheese, so I got some lobster bisque on the side!

The bisque is a tomato base, with a simple, smooth consistency. The soup was hot and tasty, and perfect for these colder days we're having lately.

 I'm raising my daughter right, and making sure that she has her fair share of grilled cheese sandwiches. She loved this classic take of simply the 5-cheese blend, stringing between two large slices of sourdough bread. Served with a bag of chips (she didn't eat them -- but we did!), this is such a cute meal for kids, and even the pickiest of eaters will love this brilliant sandwich.
Grater Grilled Cheese is looking to "make America grate again" and it looks like they have a "grate" start! Great sandwiches, and a convenient location look to be just the ticket for office takeout or a family lunch. 
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