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Miss B's Coconut Club

Sunny days are coming back to San Diego after a couple of weeks of cold...well, sort of cold, weather. What does warm weather mean in San Diego? Well, lots of things: wandering around Balboa Park and seeing the beautiful gardens and sights, trips to the Zoo, checking out all of the wonderful hiking trails, and of course, the beach.  The BEACH! Yes, it seems crazy to think about a beach in February, but here we are. 

There are lots of good places to eat at the beach, with classics like pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, stuff that you eat and forget. However, if you are looking for a memorable experience with great, innovative food and drinks, Miss B's Coconut Club might be just the ticket.  Modeled with a stylish, Caribbean theme, the food and drink are authentic takes on Caribbean cuisines, with dishes like the Cubano sandwich, jerk chicken, and of course, beans and rice.

A rum drink is imperative to enjoying Caribbean food (not really, but they sure are good!). Miss B's does it right with fun tiki glasses and umbrellas to set the mood. The night that we visited happened to be pretty cold and bleah, but sitting in the warm atmosphere, with the tiki feel and a rum drink felt like a vacation! I played it safe and tried the signature Coconut Club, which was an excellent choice and a real refresher. 

Our other drink was the We Don't Practice Santeria, a little Sublime reference, and that's just what the drink was: sublime. Lots of flavor and a slightly sour bite from passion fruit and lime. 

Jerk meat is everything with Caribbean food. Not wanting to miss one of the highlights, we started with the jumbo jerk shrimp appetizer. It was honestly a hard choice, as each appetizer sounds so good, and I'll definitely have to return and try out some of the other munchies. 

Not a food for the faint of heart, the spicy shrimp was just very tasty, and honestly, just more flavorful than hot "spicy." The flavor paired so well with the cocktails -- rum and shrimp are honestly just made for each other. The jerk dishes are a staple of the entire menu, so if shrimp isn't your thing, the jerk chicken would be a great alternative. 

Since we had the jerk shrimp, I thought I'd do something a bit different as an entree. Again, everything looked promising, but we settled on a classic Cubano sandwich served with seasoned fries and the Bistecca (steak) sandwich served with plantain chips. The Cubano was not your average Cubano sandwich. Of course, it had all the essentials: ham, pulled pork, mustard, and pickles, but the pork had a special asado seasoning, the ham smoked, all pulled together with gruyere cheese and garlic aioli. The extra special ingredients really made the sandwich a standout! 

The Bistecca sandwich was, well, it was fabulous. Get out your stretchy pants, because this bad boy is citrus marinated steak, fried (!) queso fresco, crispy onions, and garlic aioli, topped with greens and served on those wonderful Cuban rolls. I had mine with plantain chips, to keep it light, you know. All joking aside, this sandwich was divine, and so, so filling. I love plantains, pretty much any way that they are prepared, and these chips were light and salty, a perfect potato chip substitute, but so much better and more special. 

Meanwhile, my daughter had "the best grilled cheese in the world," and I have to say, it's true. Sweet, thick bread combine with melting yellow cheese and seasoned fries was pure perfection. It was a somewhat grown-up taste, but she loved it! Alert! Cute baby hand in the picture!

We finished off with another fun rum drink: the Papaya King, a combination of rum, walnuts, citrus, honey, and papaya, served in the coolest tiki glass! 

Check out this authentic little taste of the Caribbean down in Mission Beach! It's a colorful, inviting experience for locals and vacationers alike! 

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