Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon

San Diego never ceases to amaze me with its continual wonders. I mean, how is it truly possible to go from the beach to the mountains, from sunshine to snow, all in a matter of a short drive? 
I often wish that I could make those who only come here for the fabulous beaches or the Zoo look a little further and see our other wonders -- the cozy town of Julian, the lovely smaller parks of the city, and now, Bandy Canyon Ranch
This gem in Northeast San Diego county is a huge spread of natural beauty. Complete with a cozy, rustic lodge, cabins, horses, and just a nice, peaceful atmosphere, Bandy Canyon is the place to get away from the hectic life of everyday and simply unplug. 

Quaint cabins are a great getaway to unwind and sleep easy without electronic disturbances. There are no televisions or wi-fi in the rooms. I know that sounds dreadful and terrifying, but really, shouldn't we all unplug every now and then?
It's truly the perfect place for a wedding. Since I've moved to San Diego, I've actually mourned that I wasn't married here, with all of the gorgeous places for a ceremony! 

The beautiful lodge!
Of course, there is an old-fashioned swing!
Horses and other farm animals live at the Ranch year-round, and there are ample opportunities for petting and riding (the horses) as well as lessons! 
What's a ranch without horsies???
The horses took quite a shine to my little girl!

A few pictures of the cabins, with all modern conveniences, but of course, there are beautiful restaurants and wineries nearby! 

The truly lovely fountain and courtyard. A lovely place to while away an afternoon reading and taking in the brilliant sunshine. 

I am so excited to go back and maybe ride some horses! My daughter LOVED Bandy Canyon, and besides the pics shown, there is also a pool, and loads of places for a great hike or bike ride! Please check it out! You will love this other side of San Diego! 

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