Thursday, February 2, 2017

Disney on Ice Wrap Up

 This post will be pretty picture-heavy, as I took so many pics during our night at Disney on Ice!

Last Thursday, we had the great opportunity to see Disney on Ice at Valley View Casino Center. Although the show has moved on, it's still going in other cities.
 I highly recommend this fun show! Featuring Disney favorites Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald...on skates!
 How cute are these characters?

 The Toy Story friends also made a grand appearance! I have to say, the skaters performing these parts were some extremely talented people. Those costumes were amazing, and the ability to perform in something so 

 The sets were detailed and magnificent. It really made the experience immersive.

 And Ariel and other Little Mermaid friends were there!

The grand finale: FROZEN! Of course, the audience was crazy for this piece! I think that the entire stadium was singing along for "Let it Go."

The tour is still going! Dates and tickets available here
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