Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Paddleboarding with Cloud 9 Living

It's Spring Break season here in San Diego! The weather has warmed up considerably, and the bright blue skies are here to stay for awhile. What does this mean? Time to start planning vacations and all of those fun experiences that you always want to have for a memorable time. 

Cloud 9 Living is an experience company that matches people with the vacation of their dreams. What's on the menu? Excellent adventures such as city tours, dinner cruises, race car driving, and my favorite, paddleboarding. 

 The service is seamless; simply go to the Cloud 9 Living website  and choose your city and experience. Purchase your desired adventure, and Cloud 9 Living handles all of the details. It simply can't be easier! 

What's a better gift than a happy memory? I personally think that the best gifts are experiences rather than just stuff that collects dust. For the next birthday or holiday, consider a flying lesson for that person who has always wanted to be a pilot. Or book some time in a Lamborghini with a driving experience.  

We opted for the paddleboarding option for our experience, and I highly recommend it. For a flat price, you get a paddleboarding lesson with a certified instructor, use of the equipment, and the experience of a lifetime. Cloud 9 Living booked it for us through local company Menehune Surf, which is a great way to support local small businesses. They do all of the legwork and make sure that they use a reputable company with a safety first attitude. 

Our teacher was extremely capable and patient, showing us all of the necessary pieces to paddleboarding before we were in the Pacific! 

We were provided with all of the necessary equipment -- wetsuits, boards, paddles, and a pep talk! 

Paddling into the ocean, I felt very nervous, but I also felt confident that I was in good hands.  Again, the vetting of the service by Cloud 9 Living made me feel confident that the teacher was certified and comfortable with inexperienced 'boarders. 
In fact, we felt confident enough to joke once we got past the waves and into the relative calm to laugh!

I'm sure that the surfers (who were further inland than we were!) rolled their eyes at our hang ten!

Before long, we were standing and paddling (and immediately falling off of the boards!).
I would recommend paddleboarding. I wasn't sure how much I would like it, as I'm not exactly athletic, but it's really once of the most peaceful experiences to be alone in the ocean and see all of the amazing views and feel the calm. 

Honestly, it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was tiring and a bit terrifying,  but something that I would absolutely do again. 

Check out Cloud 9 Living for great fun on your vacation, or just a fun outing on a weekend if you're local! 

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