Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Voltaire Beach House Opens in Ocean Beach

Last Monday, newly opened Voltaire Beach House held their media event to introduce the Ocean Beach restaurant to San Diego at large.  Ocean Beach is a community that is definitely wealthy in its share of good places for food and drink. However, the Voltaire Beach House, located on where else, Voltaire Street, has a vibe all its own.

 The atmosphere is an open-air floor plan, with two distinct patios, and an indoor barroom. It's a good cross between a sports bar and a beach club, with views of the bar (and television sets) from the decks, but the open breezes of a beach bar.

 The drink of the night was the Lavender Collins, a drink so good that it has converted me to a gin lover.  It's a mixture of the traditional things that make a Tom Collins great, but with a sweet, homemade lavender syrup to make things interesting. So refreshing, and sure to be the big drink of the summer.
 Keeping with the beach/sports bar theme, the menu is composed of dishes that are perfect for sharing and munching. Pictured here are the chicken flatbread, the buffalo, satay, and garlic parmesan wings, and the shortrib flatbreads from the appetizer menu.
 The chicken flatbread was quite good, and perfect for sharing with a large group.

The wings were all amazingly flavored and had wonderful texture. My favorite was the satay (I love satay sauce), but the garlic parmesan are perfect for those that do not like spicy foods.
 The shortrib flatbread was a huge hit, with shortribs, fried onions, and a maple glaze. It hits every ping on the taste register.

 For something more filling, the bowls are highly recommended. A real winner in flavor, these bowls pair perfectly with the drinks and are satisfying with loads of good ingredients. The TJ Bound & Out, with chicken, spinach, corn, salsa, guacamole, lime crema, radishes, and tortilla strips evokes the classic Tijuana street tacos in a new package. It's not nearly as messy and just as delicious!
 Paradise Chicken + Rice is an Asian take on the bowl, with teriyaki chicken, ginger-coconut rice, and stir-fry vegetables. I'm a huge fan of anything teriyaki, so this was my favorite of the bowls.
 The Stacked bowl was one for the books! Bulgogi steak, ginger-coconut rice, kimchi, and a runny, sunny side up egg! I love anything topped with a runny egg, and I have a feeling that many others will enjoy this bowl as well!
Save room for dessert, because you will want these desserts! The cast-iron skillet s'mores were so good! Ooey gooey, just so sweet and decadent. I seriously wanted to lick the pans!

The other choice for dessert is the cinnamon roll bread pudding. Is there  a way to make a cinnamon roll better? I thought not, but apparently, Voltaire Beach House has accepted that challenge, and created a sweet, yummy bread pudding with homemade cinnamon rolls! So evil in the best way.

Check out this awesome new place in Ocean Beach! 
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