Saturday, June 10, 2017

Napizza Encinitas

With successful locations in Hillcrest, Little Italy, and 4S, it seems only natural Napizza would open a location in North County. 
Appealing to the beach crowd and locals alike, the Encinitas location is right in the center of town, delivering pizzas to local addresses, and even the beach! 
The pizza is sold by the slice (full pies are available), with as many topping combinations as you can imagine. 

The crust is made in the Roman style, with a 72-hour rise on the crust, creating a flavorful, thick crust. 

This location is all about the salad! Napizza has several varieties, with a display of the very fresh ingredients that go into them. 
We started with two of the salads: the Spinaci and the Superfood. The Spinaci salad was very fresh spinach, feta cheese, croutons, a generous serving of avocado, and a slice of focaccia. This salad is a meal by itself without the pizza. A protein can be added for an additional fee. 
The Superfood is a complete meal with healthy kale, quinoa, avocado, green beans, and apple chunks for crunch. This salad was my favorite, as I love the sturdy texture of kale and the feeling of wellbeing from eating such healthy foods! 

We tried several different pizza varieties. Customers are welcome to mix and match flavors to create a pie, with slices getting a discount when more than 12 are ordered. 

We started with the Spice Me Up featuring jalapenos, spicy sausage, and red peppers, and boy, was it spicy! I really enjoy spicy food, and it was almost too spicy for me.  The pizza was delicious, and if you are a spicy pizza lover, I think that this would be up your alley!
The Lasagna pizza was Steve's favorite, with a bolognese sauce and fresh mozzarella. The thick crust really stood up to such a "big" sauce, and was an incredibly filling slice of pizza. It was like two dishes in one! 
The special for the night was a Hawaiian style pizza, with ham, pineapple, and cheese. I know that there's a lot of debate over this flavor combination lately, but I love it. The mixture of salty ham with sweet pineapple is just meant to be. End of discussion. 
My favorite of the night was the Truffle Porcini slice, with porcini mushrooms and a truffle pate. It's mushroom madness! I just love the flavor of that lovable fungus on pizza. The flavor is complex, with the mushrooms and pate creating a perfect ambrosia of savory and rich. 
Last, we have a classic -- margherita -- a simple composition of red sauce, cheese, and fresh basil. It's a widely available combination, and such a favorite of mine. I love the simplicity, and how it brings all of the flavor together. There are so few ingredients, so you really get the flavor of the pizza. 

I really loved this location. From the cute outdoor seating to the fresh salad bar, Encinitas is very lucky to have such a great place to enjoy fresh slices of Roman-style pizza! 

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