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After a long, gray May, it seems like Summer 2017 is starting to arrive, with hotter temperatures and sunnier days. Summers can get in the triple digits in San Diego, calling for an emergency fix of cooling refreshment. 
Located in the SouthEast section of San Diego County, Snoice is an adorable dessert shop specializing in frozen Filipino treats. 

The inside of the shop is adorable, with a clean, fresh atmosphere, toys and games to play with, and plenty of tables to sit down and enjoy your treats. 

I've been following Snoice on Instagram since they opened (and you should too!), and kept seeing these amazing-looking ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream sandwich has come back in a major way (did it ever really leave?) with shops killing it with crazy cookie and ice cream combinations. Snoice has it down though, with a partnership with D'licious Desserts providing the cookies.  I love churros, so the churro macaron with the Nutella ice cream was my choice. The sandwich was just perfection. Sweet, and with the signature churro cinnamon sugar on the cookie, yet the light, breakable texture of a macaron. The ice cream wasn't screaming with Nutella, but definitely made a nice match to the cookie. 

 The star of the show is the halo-halo. A traditional Filipino dessert, it's made by layering treat on top of treat. The original features shaved ice, evaporated milk, ube (purple yam) ice cream, leche flan, pinipig (crushed young rice), and jackfruit. Be ready, because all that layering ends up in a huge dessert! It's not overly rich or sweet, so it's not overwhelming. All of the flavors keep your taste buds interested, and all of the ice and textures are just delightful. 
They also sell lumpia for dipping into the halo-halo (or just enjoying -- it's always a good time for lumpia!). The lumpia was fresh and tasty, with the perfect savory flavor to play against all of the sweets! 

The hot summer weather is the perfect time to check out the treats at Snoice. They also serve ice cream by the scoop, and several customers seemed very into their boba teas, so that's an option for next time. Check them out!
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