Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Brunch at The Rail

One of the oldest and most beloved nightclubs in Hillcrest (and San Diego at large), The Rail (formerly known as The Brass Rail), has a reputation as being a party place with great music, and a touchstone of the Hillcrest community.
With all of that said, I've never visited until last Sunday. 

Why? Because they are now serving BRUNCH! After decades of successful business as a Hillcrest nightclub, The Rail has extended it's service to include a brunch menu for late Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoon (10 AM to 3 PM). 

The brunch menu is quite innovative! There are loads of breakfast and lunch treats to entertain any palate, and live music begins at 11. 

With The Rail being most known as a nightclub, it's no surprise that the bar is fully stocked, and any drink can be made, as well as some specialties created for brunch. 

 We started off with the Coffee and Doughnuts, a nice sweet start that is perfect for sharing. Coffee crusted bacon rolls are served with donut bites and a vanilla latte dipping sauce. It was unique, and a great little plate to begin the morning. 

 For our main courses, we went with breakfast dishes. The Waffle Sandwich was a combination of sweet and salty, with scrambled eggs, bacon, provolone, avocado aoili, and bacon jam. Served with fresh melon, strawberry, and maple syrup, it was a filling and delicious sandwich.  
I wanted something a little unusual, and I got it with the Cajun Shrimp Benedict. A spicy seafood take on the traditional Benedict, this one features a stack of grilled shrimp and poached eggs on top of toasted waffles, then smothered in Cajun sausage gravy. It was a savory-lover's dream, with lots of spicy flavor. 

I was so impressed with the food and atmosphere of The Rail. It might be known as a nightclub, but the food is outstanding. Check it out! 
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