Monday, November 13, 2017

Florent - New Menu, New Direction

I made my first visit to Florent last January to try out their Restaurant Week menu. The restaurant recently made a major revamp to their menu, chef, and overall look and feel of the restaurant. The mood is a little more fresh and lighthearted, with beautiful new decor that retains the Gaslamp bar spirit, and a new chef and menu just makes the changes all the more concrete as a breath of fresh air in the restaurant.

 It's hard to be in the Gaslamp without having some innovative cocktails, and Florent has that covered. Besides having an extensive beer and wine list, with loads of local brews on tap, the cocktail menu is quite striking.

Pictured is the In Bloom, a twist on the classic margarita made with kumquat-infused tequila and tangerine lime juice. It's the perfect blend of a bit sweet and sour, and was really one of the best margaritas that I've had.
 I'll never say no to seared ahi tuna, and one of my favorite ways to eat it is atop a tostada with sauce. Chef Abe's version is made with a blue corn tortilla chip, pickled ginger, and hoisin aioli to deliciously marry Mexican and Asian fare. The mini bites make this a perfect, light appetizer for sharing.
 The new main courses are all wonderful, but the short ribs are really the stand out item. Short ribs have become a staple on many menus in the past few years, but these are really the best I've tasted. Braised, then topped with a flavorful sauce, it was the perfect umami of flavor. These were served atop garlic polenta, with a sprinkling of cherry tomatoes and bitter greens to really add texture and variety. If you are wondering what to order, order the short ribs. 
 I love fish, and a big hunk of well-seasoned sea bass is hard for anyone to refuse. The sea bass is sprinkled with smoked salt and sugar, then served atop a lemon risotto for flavor contrast. A rib of wilted bok choy added just enough green to make this dish another star on the menu. 

The desserts are all new as well! The dessert menu is short and sweet (haha). I love bread pudding of just about any sort, and this caramel apple was gigantic and perfect for sharing. It was served with a humongous scoop of vanilla ice cream, which was perfect compliment to the apple and cinnamon flavors. 

Florent features a weekend brunch, lunch, and even a dog menu! Located right on 5th avenue, come on down and check out this great new menu! 
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