Friday, December 8, 2017

Banyan Kitchen + Cafe/Chi Chocolat

We all have those relatives and friends who are impossible to shop for at the holidays. My answer to people who are hard to shop for: food. Not just any food, but gourmet items, things that they will really love. Fancy salts, beautiful fruit, and of course, chocolates. Chocolate is even better when it's local and unique. I like See's and Godiva as much as anyone, but it's hardly unique and hard to find. 

Chi Chocolat is a gourmet chocolaterie nestled next to Banyan Kitchen + Cafe in Liberty Station. Offering gourmet chocolates and coffee drinks, this shop combines with the artful cooking and service of Banyan Kitchen + Cafe to offer a full experience. 

The atmosphere is sunny and warm; it's an excellent place to settle down with a mocha and something delicious and while away an afternoon, or share a special breakfast that ends with a few pieces of chocolate. 

The chocolate is made on-site daily. Think about that amazing movie Chocolat, and the shop in the movie. Chi Chocolat is very, very similar, with rich, thick hot chocolates spiced and fresh. 

We were lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful breakfast last weekend. The food at Banyan Kitchen + Cafe is simply prepared and elegant.

Pictured is the soft-cooked egg and prosciutto toast. The egg was a creamy, savory flavor, cooked to perfect consistency. It was a perfect contrast to the salty meat and crispy toast. The portion size was reasonable, and a perfect easy breakfast. 

The herbed goat cheese omelette was decadent. The eggs were fluffy and the creamy, tangy goat cheese added so much flavor. I couldn't get enough of this delicious omelette.

We ordered sides of roasted potatoes and bacon. The potatoes were perfectly prepared, with crispy outsides, and soft, mealy insides, with a simple salt and olive oil seasoning. 
The showstopper of the meal was the Dutch baby baked pancake! If you've never had a Dutch baby pancake, I suggest you go to Banyan tomorrow and get this one! It's lightly sweetened with berries and powdered sugar, and so fluffy and light, it's like dessert for breakfast! 

Of course, getting some of the thick, sweet mocha or hot chocolate is imperative at each visit. This mocha is not for the faint of heart. It's so rich and delicious! 
We ended breakfast on an indulgent note with a platter of chocolates and a nip of champagne. It's not the way I usually end breakfast (obviously), but it's a nice treat.

We sampled the cardamom, spicy lemon, dark ganache, salted caramel, and peanut butter cup. My favorite was the spicy lemon, although they were all incredible. I just liked the unique flavor of the zippy lemon! 

A bag or box of these chocolates would make a wonderful gift for anyone, and a gift card to the cafe would be enjoyable as well. Find all of these at their store and cafe in Liberty Station, or order online! Banyan Kitchen + Cafe is also available for catering for holiday parties! 

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