Sunday, May 27, 2018

Summertime at Islands Burgers

 Summer is upon us, even though the current weather may not feel very much like summer (cloudy and cool here in San Diego). Soon enough, we'll be seeking shelter indoors and heading to the beaches for some refreshment and relaxation. 

I've written about Islands Burgers plenty of times; it's really one of the best places to get a burger and beer or cocktail in San Diego, with several locations all over SD County for convenience. The chain has a consistent menu of delicious burgers and salads, with special seasonal items for the more adventurous diners. 

Currently, Islands is offering a pineapple margarita, which of course, we had to try. It was very sweet, with an effervescent texture and very easy to drink. The sweet margarita pairs very well with their food selections, particularly the burgers. 

We are a pretty boring lot when it comes to our burger choices, so even though our selections were simple, the flavor, was as always, spot on due to Islands freshly made patties and ingredients. 
Sometimes, you just want to get a good burger and a drink, and Islands is a great choice to give everyone something they want. With the offerings of tacos, burgers, salads, and a great happy hour, it's a nice local chain. 

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