Friday, August 24, 2018

Mr. Moto Pizza Opens in Point Loma

Mr. Moto Pizza is a newcomer to San Diego's restaurant scene, opening its first location in North Park in 2017. However, it's quickly become a favorite of locals and tourists alike with the signature New York style pizzas with fresh crust and inventive toppings. 

Following the success of the North Park and Pacific Beach locations, a new outlet has opened in the most San Diego of neighborhoods, Point Loma. We were invited to try out this new location and tasked with finding our favorite pizza!

The decor is very hip, and fits the vibe of Rosecrans Street perfectly, with bold colors and stark blocking. 

The wall murals are adorable! I love the exposed brick.

I've never visited Mr. Moto, so going to the Point Loma location was a real treat. I love some of our local pizzas, but I sure do miss New York style pizza. I've found it to be a rare item here, and I'm glad that Mr. Moto is looking to remedy that with pizza by the slice in a variety of topping combinations. 

 We tried a few slices to get a feel for the menu. Pictured above is the Mamma Mia, Mamma Moto, and the pizza of the month: ricotta stuffed crust pizza with chorizo and jalapeno. 

To the left is the Mr. Moto, Vodka Cream, and Smoky Greens. 

The Mamma Mia was spinach, pepperoni, and gorgonzola cheese: sort of a classic pepperoni pizza with new ingredients to give it some oomph. The crust was soft and had the foldable quality so important when eating giant slices. 

The Mamma Moto was right up my alley and just the kind of thing that I usually order, with tomatoes, mascarpone cheese, and accented with heavenly burrata cheese. 

The pizza of the month was a bit spicy with the sausage and jalapenos, but very tasty!

 The Smoky Greens was a lovely, original white pizza, with spinach, ricotta, and balsamic vinegar. It was unusual, but a delightful change of pace from typical red pies with meat. 

Steve's favorite was the Mr. Moto, with sausage, fresh mozzarella, and tastes of red sauce. It was probably the most "normal" pizza of the lot. The final taste was the Vodka Cream, which was a sweet combination of vodka sauce, raspberry chipotle, and sour cream. It was an unexpected flavor, and again, something new and inventive. 

A new location is opening in Ocean Beach very soon! I am so excited to check out more of their delicious pizzas, as well as salads and pastas. 

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