Sunday, October 14, 2018

Tajima Celebrates 18 Years with Special

 The ramen trend only started really picking up 5 or 6 years ago, but Tajima has been serving up Japanese cuisine (most prominently, their delicious ramen) for 18 years now! 

To celebrate the anniversary, we were invited to the flagship Convoy location to sample the special - the Hamburg, which features two Waygu beef patties topped with radish slaw, served with rice, a tangy green salad, and a cup of miso soup. 

Tajima prides itself on each location having its own look, atmosphere, and menu. The Convoy location started it all, and this location has the most traditional feel to the decor. 

 I've been wanting okonomiyaki for the longest time, so I was thrilled to see it on Tajima's menu. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street pancake. Sold in stalls throughout Tokyo, it is a pancake filled with cabbage and seafood, then topped with a sweet teriyaki sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise, then finished off with bonito flakes. The okonomiyaki at Tajima was huge! Definitely enough for a few people to share as an appetizer. 
This dish might look scary to someone with little experience in Japanese food, but try it! It is so delicious. 

The kid's menu is short, but has a great chicken karaage that always pleases my daughter. It's great to have options for my child when we go out. It's really important to me that she has more than grilled cheese and hot dogs. 

The main event was the special, the Hamburg. It was a lot of food, and a nice variety of flavors and textures. The beef was super tender, served in the popular Japanese "hamburger steak" style, with ground beef seasoned and served bunless, with rice on the side. This is probably one of the most healthy restaurant meals I've ever had, with every food group represented. 

I can hardly visit a Tajima location without getting some of their famous ramen, and this visit, I got the Tajima Ramen with corn added. As always, the ramen was warm, comforting bliss. Ramen is just a bowl of happiness, and Tajima does it right every time. 

The special is available at Tajima locations through October 18, so visit to take advantage of the celebration! 
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