Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Taco Stand

With all of the good Mexican food in San Diego, it's really hard to narrow down where to visit for the best. I've accepted that there really is no best, because it's all delicious!  

I first tried a taco from The Taco Stand at Tacotopia this spring, and was intrigued. The tacos were delicious, and I loved their branding and look. 

We were invited to sample some of their food last week, and we were very excited to try out this relatively new local chain. You can check out the Taco Stand at their Encinitas, La Jolla, or North Park locations. 

The decor is really reminiscent of a Baja taco shop, with simple bar hangings, and no air conditioning.

They might be a fast casual restaurant, but you can bet that Taco Stand is frying up those tortillas fresh. 

The menu is a selection of San Diego favorites, but done well and at great prices. Sometimes, we don't want anything terribly fancy, just good San Diego comfort food. 

The California burrito was made perfectly, combining carne asada beef, cheese, salsa, avocado, and french fries. It's a San Diego classic for a reason, and the Taco Stand did a perfect, large version of this classic.
The most San Diego of foods is carne asada fries. I know everyone is on about the fish tacos, but come on people. We love to load up our fries with cheese, avocado, carne asada beef, and sour cream for good measure. It's not health food, but we don't eat it everyday to protect those perfect SoCal figures. 

This platter of food was absolutely delicious, and I enjoyed every calorie (then went home and exercised for two hours). 

With a name like the Taco Stand, I had to try a taco. I love shrimp tacos, and this was a spicy shrimp so double good! It's impossible to see the shrimp under all of that avocado (not a bad thing at all!), but this was a divine few bites of spicy shrimp and avocado, with the crunch of some cabbage and salsa thrown in for flavor. 
 We finished out the meal with a couple orders of their delicious churros. I've tried churros all over town, and across the border, and these were comparable to the best I've had -- purchased from a lady selling them during the wait in the car to cross the Tijuana - San Diego border. They were crispy and drenched in sugar and cinnamon, served warm with a cream cheese dipping sauce (they didn't need it, but it sure was tasty!). 

The Taco Stand has locations in Encinitas, North Park, and La Jolla, with more locations opening soon. Ordering online is also available. Check out their great food. 

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