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Surf Rider Pizza

I am originally from Appalachia, so by all standards, I should not really speak as an authority on pizza. Biscuits? Yes. Gravy? Sure. Ramps? Gross. Pizza was Gino's or Pizza Hut. Then I moved north in my 20s, and discovered the pleasures of pizza. New York thin crust, giant slices, extra cheese, deep dish, Matthews, I tried all of it. East Coast living made me take my pizza pretty seriously. 

I have had plenty of good pie in San Diego, and I love that a city of so many transplants can have restaurants devoted to just one style of pizza. Wood-fired, Neopolitan, Chicago deep dish, and good old American-style pie, just like Grandma Dominos makes. 

Surf Rider Pizza Company makes the elusive, most beloved New York style pies, and sells them by the slice or by whole pies, just like they do in Brooklyn. Or, better than that, since there is no need for a plane ticket, and the option to eat it outside is available much, much more often.  We were invited to check out the La Mesa location, which is where all of the desserts are fresh-baked daily (more on that later). 

Pizza by the slice is available, and the slices are replenished quite often, so no old, dried out pizza that has been sitting in the case all day. Trust me, these slices go very quickly! I like the by-the-slice way, since everyone can get what they enjoy. I'm a huge fan of olives and artichokes on pizza, my husband is...not. However, if getting a big 20" pie is for you, the pizzas are cooked to order, with plenty of innovative options along with the classic cheese and pepperoni variety. 

Pictured are the Pesto Spinach Delish and the cheese pizza. The pesto pizza was right up my alley with artichoke hearts, red peppers, ricotta, and basil pesto. It was filling, and the vegetables were fresh. 

The Fresh Basil Pesto and Ricotta Pie was probably my favorite of the night. It looks very basic, but there was so much flavor with the spicy red sauce, pesto, mozzarella, and ricotta to balance out the spices. Truly a slice not to miss. Even my husband liked it best, and he's a definite pepperoni and cheese guy. 

His and hers, pictured. My husband loves a classic pepperoni and cheese slice, whereas I love a good vegetarian pizza. The Surf Rider Signature is a vegetarian pie with roasted red peppers, gorgonzola, a white sauce, and a spattering of roasted jalapenos to make a delicous meeting of NY style pizza with San Diego flavor. 

And finally, the Meat Combo, featuring pepperoni and sausage. If you love meaty pizzas, this will be just the ticket. 

As well as killer pizza, Surf Rider has killer sandwiches, salads, and stromboli. We were lucky enough to try the Dirty Philly Cheesesteak, a classic Philly cheesesteak served on the proper Amoroso roll. If it's on French bread, it's not a Philly cheesesteak. 

What makes it dirty? The white jalapeno spicy, cheesy sauce pictured on the side! Dip that bad boy into the sauce, or just dump it on, and it is spicy, savory heaven. This sandwich was the real deal, with the spicy sauce making it a perfect marriage of East Coast food with West Coast flair.

Remember my comment about the fresh-baked desserts? So many desserts, like an entire case. It's basically a pizzeria and bakery under one roof. Treats like tiramisu, brownies, cupcakes, and cookies make perfect treats to get kids and adults to eat their dinners. 

We indulged in the caramel blondie, cheesecake brownie, and a vanilla cupcake. The blondie, pictured left, was probably my favorite, with a ribbon of homemade caramel adding interest to the basic chocolate chip blondie.

The cupcakes were cute and spring-themed, with plenty of frosting. 

I love cheesecake brownies, but I don't think I've had one since college? In any case, it's time to bring them back because this was delicious!

Surf Rider Pizza has locations in Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and La Mesa. Definitely recommended for East Coast food and sweets. 
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Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy said...

I think pizza is my favorite food. Some of those slices sound so amazing! I like some veggies in mine but a good meat lovers won't be turned down. Would love to try surf rider pizza again if we are near that area!

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