Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Happy Hour at Et Voilà

Et Voilà has been in the University Heights area for awhile now, joining some other great places on Adams Avenue. 

French food is rather elusive in San Diego. There are a few places, but it takes a chef of talent with the right business vision to execute a successful place. Et Voilà is a much-needed change of pace for the community, serving up gourmet cheeses and delicious French wines.

I love happy hour, and I love them even more when they have a great food menu to go with the drink specials. The happy hour at Et Voilà lasts from 4:30-7 PM Sunday through Friday, and until 6 PM on Saturday. We were invited to check out happy hour, and I was more than excited to see what a place right by my house had to offer for happy hour.

Guests are invited to enjoy the oh-so-Gallic decor inside, or the signature San Diego sunshine on the sidewalk dining area. It's like Paris without the temperamental weather. 

 We had to start with rosé, because it's summer, officially. There's nothing better in the sunshine than a glass of cold, slightly sweet pinky-orange wine.  These were the Domaine de Lauzade on the right, and the Crément de Bourgogne. The non-carbonated Domaine was light, not too sweet, and just perfect for the hot weather and sipping in the sunshine. 
I've been to France three times, and I feel that I've had a good bit of authentic baguette. This baguette is the real deal. Very fresh, crusty, and so delicious with cheese, butter, or dipped in a sauce. 
Unless you have an aversion or intolerance, order the cheese plate! Order up to three different types, and enjoy with all the trimmings of bread, fruit, nuts, and matching sweet spreads. 
The wine and cheese plate alone would have been a perfect evening for me. The cheeses had so much flavor and texture.  
I love mussels, especially when steamed in garlic and white wine, so of course I had to try the mussels on the happy hour menu. Order extra bread to go with these mussels, because the sauce at the bottom is amazing sopped up with the aforementioned French baguette. 

The only thing better than mussels in white wine and garlic is if you add bleu cheese into the mix. These were incredibly rich and very filling. These were so rich, in fact, I would recommend getting these to share, since it would be a feat to finish these alone (my husband did though!)

To finish out, dessert was a beautiful blueberry tart with pistachio-ginger ice cream on top. The dessert list is full of rich, very French options, but sometimes, a simple fruit tart with elegant dressings and expertly prepared is the best.

Et Voilà is located on Adams Avenue, and open every day for dinner and happy hour, and brunch on Sunday.

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