Monday, July 22, 2019

North Park Breakfast Company

Fans of Breakfast Republic can rejoice, with a new brunch-focused outlet opening up in North Park. Creatively named North Park Breakfast Company, a focus on easy drinking cocktails, creative carb dishes, and fortifying latte drinks are fueling city-dwelling Millennials to check out their fare.

We were invited to check out NPBC last week, and even though the menu signifies brunch, at 8:00 am, the place was full of breakfast lovers.

As I stated before, the menu has an entire list of cocktails, including Bloody Marys, which would be perfect for a leisurely brunch, but at this hour, I just wanted a plain coffee latte. 

 There are also several non-coffee herbal lattes on the menu, such as a Golden Latte (with turmeric, no coffee or tea, and steamed milk), but I really needed some caffeine! 

The latte was well made and really hit the spot. I love the custom mugs!
I like to balance protein and something sweet when get a special breakfast, so we went with the bacon omelet, loaded with goat cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon! The potatoes that accompanied it were so crisp and salty perfection. 
If you are thinking of ordering something sweet, I highly recommend ordering the Flight! Choose three pancakes, French toast, or waffles, or one of each. 

The sweets come on a giant surfboard plate together, and I took a separate picture of each item to highlight it. Pictured is the Orange Thyme waffle, a slightly sweet waffle topped with mascarpone and orange slices. It's just sweet enough, and absolutely perfect. 

The banana bread pancake is a good one for a sweet tooth, with a cream cheese glaze, candied walnuts, and of course, bananas. 

A slice of creme brûlée French toast was a good one to round out the platter, with a sweet bit of pastry cream and berries. I'm actually not a huge French toast fan, but this was very good, and again, not super sweet. 
The platter in all of it's glory!

The North Park Breakfast Company is open daily for breakfast and brunch. 
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