Thursday, August 15, 2019

Brunch at Clara

Summer has finally arrived in San Diego, after months of very mild weather.  San Diego is famous for the constant dry and sunny days, with little to no rain or cold. I can think of no better way of enjoying the nice weather than having a leisurely brunch on a weekend. 

Clara of Carlsbad invited us to check out their brand new brunch menu, and I was pretty excited to try out a new brunch place. 

The inside is very open and airy, with interesting art and soft, modern colors. This would absolutely be a great setting for having a meal or a few drinks at the bar. 

However, the weather was glorious, and there really is something about having breakfast food outside with some fun drinks.

Brunch really isn't brunch unless you have a cocktail of some sort with breakfast food, so we started with some Prosecco and vinho verde. Both were crisp and refreshing, and not too strong, which was a good thing for a brunch treat!

The brunch menu contains a short, but impressive list of breakfast items, such as steak Benedict, avocado toast, and a breakfast burger. The lunch menu is also available at this time, which includes a variety of sandwiches and salads, for people who want to be a little more "lunch" with their brunch. 
We started with the watermelon salad from the lunch menu, and it was the perfect fresh start to our meal. 

The salad included chunks of red watermelon, Heirloom tomato slices, fresh avocado, feta cheese, and pickled watermelon rind. The salty flavor of the cheese paired so well with the sweet, juicy watermelon chunks. I love watermelon on a hot day -- it's nature's popsicle. This was a very dressed up, shareable version of the classic watermelon fruit salad. 

For my main, I had to try the crab cake eggs Benedict. Truly, it is just as tasty as it sounds. I lived in Baltimore for a long time, and I'm pretty serious about my crab cakes. This one was breaded and deep-fried, but had loads of great spice and no filler. The crab was Dungeness, with plenty of texture and flavor. Sandwiched between the poached eggs and a slab of Heirloom tomato, the dish was covered in homemade Hollandaise sauce. The Benedict was so filling, but great for a leisurely meal where one takes their time and lingers over their meal. 

A classic breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and home fries is always a good choice, and this one was a perfect classic. Good scrambled eggs cooked perfectly, served with some of the best home fries that I've ever had. The potatoes were seasoned well, with a delicious, crispy skin. 
Brunch is just not brunch for me unless I have something sweet. The German pancake is a thick, sweet pancake covered in strawberry sauce and homemade whipped cream. Just a warning, it is huge! It really is a great option to order one and share with the entire table, because it is incredibly rich and sweet, but worth every calorie. 

Clara serves brunch on Sundays starting at 11 AM. They are located in Carlsbad Village, and are also opened for lunch and dinner Monday - Saturday.

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