Monday, March 2, 2020

Shabu Works

Do you, Shabu? I know, cheesy joke. If you haven't tried Shabu Shabu, it's a tasty Japanese tradition that is essentially a fondue of sorts (hence, the silly Captain America reference at the beginning). I have only had Shabu Shabu one time, so I was excited when we were invited to try a new place!

Shabu Works is a new Shabu Shabu restaurant in the Mira Mesa area. Pictured is the dinner menu, which is all you can eat. Now, considering that the price includes all the meat and seafood you want, plus starches (pasta and rice), plus dessert, and a non-alcoholic drink, it's a stellar deal.

We arrived for the dinner -- lunch is also served, at a slightly cheaper price point. The meats are chosen three at a time. We selected beef belly, beef round, and the lamb to start. The servers bring the meats to the table, but customers can help themselves to everything else. And there is a lot!

The servers start up the hot pot, and it's time to get the materials to create the perfect Shabu Shabu.
 The seafood area is filled with crayfish, crabs, shrimp, mussels, clams, and squid. Again, it's all you can eat, so feel free to load up on all of the fresh seafood if desired.

I was most excited about the fresh vegetables. I guess it's my mommy concern coming out, but I love it when restaurants have plenty of fresh vegetables served. They also add tons of flavor, so why not? 

The starches were equally exciting. I love ramen and udon noodles, and all you can eat had me giddy. There is also tofu and sausages on offer at this station

If you can't wait for your Shabu Shabu to cook, there is a full bar of hot foods offered. Chicken karage, potstickers, and katsu chicken were readily available.

To further customize your Shabu Shabu, a flavor can be added. I chose a garlic miso for one side, with a little spicy miso thrown in for interest. For the other side, we did a curry flavor, since I love curry soups. It can be daunting, because some of the flavors are very spicy, but the servers are very friendly and helpful with selections. 

We were pretty excited when the meat arrived. I only have had Shabu Shabu one other time, but this was so much better. The ability to flavor everything just so, the selection of items to customize, and of course, all you can eat!
The second round included more beef and some chicken.
Look at that bubble! Lots of good stuff in there.

And dessert is included! Kakigori is Japanese shaved ice, which is then topped with various syrups and toppings. It's a nice, light treat to end such a big meal. 

Shabu Works is a delightful experience in Mira Mesa, and such a deal! Go hungry, and go often!
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