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I cannot really start this review without mentioning the 100 foot dinosaur that is stomping around my living room. All of our living rooms. Quarantine. Yes, it's real, and yes we are all weary. It's not that I mind being at home, I love being home. I love the slower pace of life that this has brought. But there is also a need to remember the world outside of our bubble, to remember the small treats and just enjoy. 

When I was asked to review Eggies flagship breakfast nook, I wasn't certain how things would go. Restaurants have been takeout only for months, if they are open at all. However, Eggies is takeout all the time, every day. It's just a cute little ordering window beside Breakfast Republic. The stand is certainly observing social distancing well. Check out the cute little egg markers on the sidewalk in front!

The egg theme is dominant in the decor, and turns this nook into more than just a little breakfast pick up, but a charming stop for a great breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee.  It's so whimsical! 

Speaking of whimsy, look at how cute these coffee cups are! You can spin the yellow cup holder to find a different face. How could this not start your day off right? And the coffee is local favorite Cafe Moto, so it's a solid cup of brew. 

Everything is takeout, so we just made up a little picnic of items to take away and have a little breakfast picnic. The menu is small, but very impressive. 

I couldn't pass up the giant California breakfast sandwich, a mammoth of fried egg, avocado (duh), arugula, cheese, bacon, aioli, tomato jam, and turkey sausage. It is seriously delicious, and seriously filling. The brioche rolls are fresh and a tad sweet. Perfect to mesh with all of the savory fillings. I would absolutely get this sandwich again, and recommend it to anyone who wants some greens with their breakfast. 

As well as the sandwiches,  Eggies serves a jar option. These are basically like an item that would usually be served on a plate, but packed into a jar for easy portability. Think cupcakes in a jar. The two options are a French toast and potato hash. I felt the savory was covered with my breakfast sandwich, so I opted for the French toast. 

The French toast included more of the brioche roll, mixed with strawberries, mascarpone cream, and brown sugar crumbles. It was quite large -- much more food than it appeared to be. The French toast was sweet and satisfying, but not overly so.

Yes, there are plenty of interesting, off the book items at Eggies, but there is also the comforting and easy. The Classic is called a classic because it's good and it's always welcome. And what's not to love about a brioche roll with a perfect egg, applewood bacon, maple sausage, and cheese? I could go for one of these right now, to be honest. 

I personally cannot resist churros if they are on a menu. I just can't. These were hot and fresh, and super sweet with loads of cinnamon. In other words, perfect. The churros were just the perfect sweet bite to split at the end of our little picnic.

Eggies is open in the Gaslamp, and will soon be open in Pacific Beach. They are open for breakfast with ordering online or in person. A treat for breakfast is seriously the best thing that we can all do for ourselves! 
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