Thursday, July 30, 2020

California Taco Club

It seems strange to be writing a review in these times, with restaurants being placed in an outdoor setting, and the restaurant industry at large feeling a great uncertainty. I truly hope that things can turn around soon. I miss restaurants, I miss the experience, and of course, I'm tired of cooking. 

 The industry is heading towards a pick up window model with all of the stress over Covid, and just busy lifestyles. The convenience of takeout, but eat it while it's hot! Brilliant.

California Taco Club is just such a restaurant, much like the previously reviewed Eggies. From the mind of the company that brought Breakfast Republic, San Diego's premiere breakfast and brunch spot, comes these new concepts for 2020. California Taco Club is right around the corner from Breakfast Republic in Pacific Beach, so you can go straight from breakfast to a taco lunch.

Instead of breakfast, CTC is a taco stand, serving up SoCal favorites like spicy shrimp, carne asada, and surf n' turf.
 Outdoor tables mean that you are welcome to sit down and enjoy or take it to go. An order window guarantees minimal contact. 
If there is a taco shop in San Diego that does not serve fish tacos, I've yet to enter it. The ubiquitous "taste of San Diego" taco is well done here (pay no mind to the lack of fixings -- it was a request from a picky child).  The texture was crispy, and perfect, with freshly battered and fried fish.
 I am endlessly fascinated with vegetarian tacos, as I am on a mission to go more plant-based as I get older. The veggie taco at CTC is delicious battered and fried oyster mushrooms, a different and tasty option as a protein replacement. The taco was messy and filling and just perfect. I would order this again. 

Since we were doing seafood, I had to try the spicy shrimp taco. This taco was by far my favorite of the lot, with a generous amount of seasoned shrimp and plenty of spicy sauce. I like generous helpings. 
It's all about the tacos, but I had to try the surf n' turf burrito. Stuffed with spicy shrimp, carne asada, rice, avocado, and lots of delicious sauce, this burrito was quite the meal. The texture provided by the rice was the perfect contrast to the meats, and the sauce covered and melded it all together to create a wonderful flavor and texture. 

California Taco Club is open for lunch and dinner daily in Pacific Beach. 
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