Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Corner Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken is all the rage on the West Coast these days. It was picking up steam last year, but it really, really took off  in the last 6 months. I think the desire is a combination of needing comfort food in these difficult times, and hot chicken is quick and easy, infinitely portable for an easy, safe meal to go. Finally, and most importantly, it is damn delicious. 

The newest restaurant to jump on this trend is Corner Chicken. The brainchild of the ramen sensation, Tajima, Corner Chicken serves up a simple menu of great fried chicken with spicy Nashville sauce -- or not if that's your preference -- and all the sides. Full disclosure, I've had spicy chicken sandwiches, but never a proper Nashville hot chicken, so I was excited to be invited to try out this sensation!

Housed in the old Cafe Chloe location (RIP), Corner Chicken is a cute location, with easy access for picking up a takeaway order, but also loads of outdoor seating for a more "out" feel. I think that we can all appreciate this flexibility. 

As well as a menu of delicious, comforting fried chicken, Corner Chicken boasts a nice selection of beers on tap. 

The menu is really simple, with hot chicken sandwiches leading the show. The sandwich can be served with different levels of spice, and I have to say, the medium was pretty spicy for me! The chicken was so tender and delicious, with a kale slaw that offset the spice of the chicken and added lots of good texture. The fresh chicken was fried to a perfect crispy texture. 

The sides were amazing as well, with cheesy crinkle fries and spicy mac and cheese. Cheesy fries are a total weakness of mine, and like most of the menu, these are also a bit spicy. 

 The mac and cheese is a tad spicy, but goes so well with the fried chicken sandwiches. 

As I said earlier, it's entirely possible to get non-spicy, naked chicken at Corner Chicken. Pictured below are the chicken tenders, served plain. They are still quite delicious! 

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