Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Break Point Pacific Beach

Happy Autumn! Except it doesn't feel like fall or autumn here in San Diego. In fact, I would go so far as to say that fall does not exist in Southern California except in Home Goods stores and a few pumpkin stands. Luckily for us, our perpetual summer status affords us the ability to dine outside year-round. In this time of uncertainty, that's a comforting thought. It's always a good idea to sit outside on a fabulous deck and chill out with a cocktail or two in San Diego.

With Covid-19 restrictions, Break Point in Pacific Beach cannot operate their bowling alley; however, the restaurant is open air and the kitchen and bar ready to serve.  The restaurant is currently setting up more outdoor seating, but they have some outside already. The booths are enormous, and generously spaced, so distancing is not a problem in this family friendly restaurant. 

We were invited to check out their reopen efforts, and were very pleased to see multiple sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant. 

The bar is fully stocked, with the menus being completely accessible by phone so that minimal contact is achieved. The passionfruit cocktail is a must order. Sour and sweet, and made with fresh passionfruit grown locally. A San Diego spot must have a good selection of beer, and Break Point has a nice menu of mostly local beers. 

Break Point offers a full brunch and lunch menu, but we were in the mood for lunch. Sometimes, you just need to get the dang burger. This bad boy was freshly made with real beef, and served on a brioche will all of the fixings. Served with fries and a pickle, this burger rivals the lauded Rocky burger in juiciness and flavor. 

Shareable appetizers are always a good idea. The wings include a choice of three sauces: buffalo, BBQ, or the house sauce. We chose the house sauce, since I have had many, many of the other two over the years. These were a nice combination of sweet and spicy, with loads of flavor. 

I mentioned earlier that Break Point is family friendly -- look at this beautiful kid's meal! Those nuggets weren't frozen either; they are made with real chicken and breaded and fried. One of the best kids' meals that I've seen!

The last dish that we tried was the seared ahi tuna tacos with a side of chips. This was probably my favorite thing of the meal, but that should be no surprise -- I adore seared ahi tuna. This tuna was marinated in a soy ginger sauce, then seared and topped with pickled carrot, cucumber kimchi, and sriracha mayo sauce. It was intensely flavored, but the tuna still shined through. 

Break Point is located in Pacific Beach, and is open Thursday through Sunday, for brunch and dinner on weekends. 


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