Saturday, September 19, 2020

Brunch at Fig Tree Cafe

Fig Tree Cafe epitomizes San Diego and California cuisine. Everything served is fresh, made from scratch, and bursting with the ingredients that make Southern California so special. It should come as no surprise to anyone that their brunch offerings (daily 7-3) are stellar. 

We were invited to check out their brunch and to see how they are handling the craziness of restauranting in 2020, and of course, they are handling it well!

As you can see in the pictures, the tables are spaced on the outdoor deck, and there is a large sanitizer dispenser. All employees wear masks at all times. With San Diego having nice weather all year, it's not a huge change for diners to be outside. 

One cannot do brunch properly without a cocktail or a mocktail. I had to order a Bloody Mary (because nutrition!) because tomatoes have tons of vitamin C, right? It was just pleasantly spicy, with a nice flavor. We also tried the Blackberry Bliss, a refreshing blackberry mint vodka spritzer. It was a perfect brunch drink, light and paired well with the rich food. 
I cannot imagine going to brunch and not ordering something sweet. Fig Tree has a choice of French toasts on their menu -- even a sampler if you want to try a few different tastes. Strawberries and cream was the choice for this meal, although the fig jam and ricotta cheese stuffed French toast was tempting. Sometimes, it's nice to play it safe with a favorite. 

I love, love eggs Benedict, especially when they are made without ham.  I had to try one of the Benedicts on the menu (there are a few), and I wanted to really try the lobster and blue crabcake Benedict. The perfectly runny yolks, the delicious fried crabcake with perfect seasoning, it was all delicious and a perfect brunch treat. 

Look at that ooze with the hollandaise sauce and yolk!

An omelet at brunch is always a good idea. Who doesn't love omelets? They're filling, infinitely customizable, and above all, delicious. The California omelet with bacon, sour cream, and avocado is a perfect summary of California cuisine.


Another hit to the sweet tooth is a small bit of the house coffee cake. I love coffee cake and it's just a perfect sweet bite at the end of the meal (that, let's be honest, was pretty indulgent). This one is topped with a nice thick crumb, and a vanilla glaze with strawberries. 

Fig Tree Cafe is open daily for brunch with a variety of breakfast and lunch options from 7-3. 

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